Bel Air

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For communities with older residents, moving companies are an essential part of any moving process as making sure that your things arrive in perfect condition to your new home can be the cause of many moving stresses. 

Bel Air is a small neighborhood located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, with a lower populated residential district than other surrounding areas, Bel Air has a high percentage of older, married residents. For those older residents that may not be able to move homes as easily as they may have before, We Are Movers will help you to find the best movers in Bel Air, local movers that you can trust to handle your valuables with the same care that you would yourself so that they arrive safely at your new home. 

While Bel Air is known for having residents with higher incomes, We Are Movers will always find cheap movers to keep your move affordable and cost effective, as finding good long distance movers in Bel Air can become an expensive endeavor quickly. 

While more of a small residential community, the stature and reputation of Bel Air has made it a go to area for the filming of many popular movies and television shows, such as “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” which makes the town a popular site for extensive movie fans looking to see the sight of some notable films. 

For fans of Japanese architecture and culture, Bel Air is also home to the notable Hannah Carter Japanese Garden, inspired by the gardens of Kyoto, Japan, the garden features numerous carvings, water basins and symbolic rocks that are from Japan. The unique structures to the garden like the gate, garden house and bridges are also from Japan and were reassembled in Bel Air for the garden. 

A quiet community with a reputation that speaks for itself, Bel Air is a small community that has a big history.

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