When is the Best Time to Move?

Moving is an incredibly stressful process. All the planning and work ahead of time is what makes moving such a huge undertaking. Movers are generally not prepared for the amount of effort it takes in order to ensure that a move goes smoothly, and even then it can still hit the fan. There are so many details to consider when planning a move that many movers forget to think about when they should move. The best time of day, time of year, or time of month to move is never full proof; however, you can always aim for the best option. Planning your move ahead of time to ensure that the move goes smoothly is always a smart idea, but don’t forget to include the details of “when;” this is just as important as the “how.”

Choose the suitable weather conditions

When you decide to move will depend heavily on several conditions or factors. Firstly, if you live in cold weather, you may want to avoid moving in the winter. Harsh weather conditions are the enemy of movers; they present issues for movers including slippery conditions, getting items and belongings wet in the rain or snow, the potential for accidents with moving trucks is increased, and people can hurt themselves in the process. Planning around seasons is a great idea if you wish to avoid all the winter hazards of cold, wet weather. The same goes for summer; it may be incredibly and insufferably hot in the summer, and you may regret your choice to move at that time. However; summer is not necessarily a bad time of year to move; the kids are out of school, you may have more free time depending on your work, and the services to help with the move are plentiful during this time of year.

Time of the day is also crucial

Depending on the season you choose to move in, the time of day you choose to move is just as critical. Moving in the evenings after people get off of work or when kids get out of school is a nightmare that you shouldn’t wish upon any decent soul. Traffic conditions are out of control during these times of day. The best time to move is in the early morning right after rush hour traffic subsides. As you may imagine, traffic is not always an issue for individuals who live outside of the city in more suburban areas, so take this tip as it applies to you. Also, the morning is a good time to begin a move because you will have the rest of the day to organize yourself and begin unpacking. Moving experts usually want to avoid moving in later afternoons during hot seasons because, depending on your location, it can become unbearable for heavy lifting.

Suitable time of the week can save you money

Additionally, the time of the week you decide to move is also crucial to the success of the project; it is usually recommended by moving professionals to attempt to move in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday or a Thursday. These are the days of the week that moving companies are less preoccupied with other movers because, typically, moving occurs mostly on weekends. If you decide to move during the week, then the chances of landing a moving company you really want, when you want it, at the cost you want it will be optimal.

Consider right time of month

As you may have guessed, the time of month is just as important as the time of week to move. If you think about it, people usually wait until their rental agreements are up—usually around the first of the month, and therefore, movers usually plan their moves at the end of a month or on the first day of the month. Not surprisingly, these are usually the busiest times for moving companies. One of the ways that moving companies base their cost of moving is by the time of month or week. Additionally, moving companies base their prices off of demand—when they tend to get the highest rates of business. You may want to shop around first to narrow your options down to a few companies, and follow up with them on when the best time to move is. They have likely been doing this for years, and will be able to best guide your options.

David Gersh
Author: David Gersh
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