Tips to Hire Long Distance Movers

Moving is usually part of a difficult transition from one period of life to another—with every transition, there are huge obstacles to overcome. One of these obstacles is the move itself, especially when you decide to move a long distance away. When looking for a moving company to assist you in your transition, there are many factors that should be considered. What constitutes “long distance,” what qualifications need to be met by the company and yourself, and what is considered to be a reputable moving company? These are all important questions to ask before you hire a long distance moving company to haul your life away. To avoid disaster, researching your options is crucial to the success of your move.

Worries involved in long distance moving

A “long distance” move is generally considered to be over fifty miles from the origin point to the destination point. Among long distance moves, you may remain within your state, cross state lines, or relocate out of state. In any case, these are special circumstances that must be accompanied by accommodating moving companies. The most common worry about moving long distance, besides everything arriving in one piece, is the overall cost of such an adventure. Moving long distance is generally more expensive—especially if you have a large amount of heavier belongings. The rates are usually calculated based on the amount of items moved and how much they weigh, in addition to the number of miles the movers will need to travel to reach the destination. Downsizing is generally a good idea before any big move to cut down on costs and rid yourself of some unnecessary clutter, leaving only the essential items you must keep. If you can sell some items, you can save money on the move as well as have more money to add to the transition.

Total cost of intrastate moving

Moving companies have a spectrum of rates for interstate versus intrastate moves. As before mentioned, these rates are calculated by how many items are being moved and how much they weigh, but are also calculated based on the cost of labor. Yes, it makes sense to assume that the more employees they use to assist your move, the higher the cost; however, if you are moving interstate (out of your current state) you may want to research labor costs in the new state you are moving to, as a portion of labor cost will be based upon that particular state’s own labor cost. It is likely that they will not be the same as your current state, adding to the factors that influence the cost of the move.

Check if your moving company is licensed or not

Perhaps most importantly, you should be sure the moving company you hire is federally licensed, especially if you are moving across states. If so, the company should have an assigned, registered DOT number (or an ICCMC number) as well as adequate insurance to cross state lines. These two elements of moving companies are instrumental to your choice in movers, and you should verify their registration and insurance prior to hiring them. This is vital, because if something goes wrong along the way, you will be able to document and file complaints with the proper entities. Additionally, this adds to the overall reputability of the company you hire.

Long Distance Moving

Check reputation of the company

The reputation of the company you hire is almost as critical as licensing and insurance. It is always best to research the company’s reputation beforehand. You can do this in a number of ways—have a set list of specific questions to communicate to the business, look up online reviews, and assess the overall level of customer satisfaction based on testimonials and complaints. Weighing the good versus the not-so-good reviews will give you a general idea of what to expect from the company and how much trust you wish to put in their hands. You can also gauge the adequacy of customer service based on your own communications with the company—timeliness, professionalism, and thorough resources and information given are important signs of a company that cares about their customers. Moving long-distance is a hectic undertaking; moving companies are meant to facilitate your journey in such a way that you have several less things to worry about—let the movers do the hard work for you. Finding the reputable moving company will bring you one step closer to your destination.

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