Things to Consider Before a Long Distance Move

Moving is a huge transition, and all of the details that come with moving can bring a new level of stress that may be unforeseen by many movers. When you add the element of distance to any move, things become far more complicated and difficult to manage. Enlisting the help of professionals whenever possible can make this transitional period go smoothly and efficiently, and, most importantly, reduce the amount of stress and burden that is being put on your shoulders. There are things to consider before a long distance move that will make the journey and the end result far more manageable and graceful. Whatever you can do before the move to make the rest of the experience positive and productive will become a huge blessing when you are finally ready to settle in to your new place far, far away. Of course, it always helps to talk to people who are experienced in moving long distance, this includes not only trusted peers, but professionals in the business—they know a lot about moving, and they can give you the best tips on how to best prepare for the long trip ahead.

Heavy load means heavy check

One of the best things you can do before any move is to consider what belongings you absolutely must take with you versus what belongings you can do without. To put it quite simply, the more you eliminate, the less you will have to haul. Many people who move long distance do not realize that the more they carry with them, the more they have to pay; movers usually charge long distance based on the amount and weight of the items you are hauling—the heavier the load, the heavier the check. It is best to have a garage sale, or make a hefty donation to a charitable source that will make the best use of whatever you wish you discard; you can write this off on your taxes, you will save money, save time, and save yourself the inconvenience of figuring out how and where to donate upon your arrival. Taking care of this issue beforehand may seem like an added stress, but it is well worth the effort in the end, and you will be glad you did it.

Spend money on adequate packing

Another thing to consider before moving long distance is how to adequately pack your items so that they are safe throughout the entirety of the journey. The best way to pack your belongings is with lots of bubble wrap and sturdy boxes. This is no time to save money on the little things like the quality of boxes you use, or finding alternative padding to support the items in the boxes. Spending a little more money on good quality moving tools will save you money in damages later on and will ensure the quality of your belongings remains intact over every bump, dip, and pothole. Steer away from using hand-me-down boxes, as the integrity of the structure has likely been compromised in its previous use. Furthermore, bubble wrap is designed to stay in one, secure place and hold each item within in a secure position—there are few substitutes for this material that will do a similarly adequate job.

Family After Moving House

Try to visit the new place at least once

Before moving to your new place, it is possible that you may have not been there in person, but only checked it out online. This is a huge risk—you are taking a big gamble by not adequately measuring the space to be sure all of your big furniture items fit well, or even fit at all. Even if you have the measurements and dimensions of the new space, this is not a guarantee that your belongings will fit in the space. Having a game plan for how to get the furniture inside the building and where to put everything initially before you’ve settled are huge obstacles that if not properly planned for may cost you time and money in the long run. Save yourself the despair, and try to make at least one trip to your new destination beforehand to assess the situation and take some much-needed measurements. Moving long distance doesn’t have to be such a hassle—with the help of professionals and informing yourself on what can potentially go wrong, you will have a great head start.

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