The Hurdles Faced During Long Distance Moving

One of the most stressful undertakings is coordinating a move from one location to another. It involves a number of elements that must ideally work together in order to make the move a complete success. Now, add the element of long-distance to a move and an entirely new set of issues arises: packing, transportation, insurance costs, organization, and logistics of getting all of your furniture into the new location are just some of the potential issues that come up during long-distance moves. One of the biggest issues that movers face is hiring a qualified, reputable, and trustworthy moving company to handle the project; a lot can go wrong if the incorrect people are in charge of your prized possessions over a long distance. One of the most significant hurdles people face when moving long distance is finding the right movers who will ensure the care of your belongings and get everything to the destination in one piece. The uncertainty underlying a move far away from your familiar surroundings can be a huge cause of anxiety and stress throughout the process; during such a move, there are things to consider beforehand that will put you in the best possible situation to make your long distance move more of a success.

Choose only reputed & certified movers

Finding adequate movers is the first thing on the agenda. Look at movers who are reputable and experienced; you can do this by looking at online reviews, assessing their licensing and certification, and being sure that those certifications can travel across state lines if you are moving out of state. It is a good idea to look up the cost of labor in the city you are moving to, as the cost of labor upon entering the state will likely apply to your moving costs. Once you nail down a good moving company to assist you in the move, you can collaborate with them on the best policy regarding your belongings—the best way to pack your things so that they do not get damaged during the long trip. It may be suggested that you eliminate a good portion of your belongings beforehand due to the fact that movers charge based on the weight of the materials being hauled; so, the lighter the load, the cheaper the move.

Need of insurance

Another hurdle you may face upon moving long distance is the need for adequate insurance. Across the vast distance that your entire life is being moved are a plethora of opportunities for belongings to become lost, damaged, or even stolen. The risks of moving are increased with each mile that is added to the total length of the trip. There are options for customers similar to car insurance—you can purchase full coverage or liability only. Of course, liability only is minimal and will not cover the entire cost of items lost or damaged in the moving process. In this scenario that mover’s are only required to pay for a portion of any losses accrued. Each moving company can help to inform you of the details regarding their own specific company policy and what may be best for your individual situation. For instance, if you have a lot of expensive items being moved, it may be best to purchase full coverage versus only the basic coverage.

Packing Things Before Move

Concentrate more on packing

Among the many issues that one may encounter when moving long distance is the necessity in packing your belongings adequately for a big move. It is likely that items will be moved multiple times, loaded and unloaded, during the long trek. This is not the time to haphazardly stuff as many of your items in a box as possible and hope for the best. To ensure the integrity of your possessions, each box should be carefully organized, labeled, and cushioned in order to make sure things go more smoothly—you will be thankful that you applied these methods when you can easily organize your belongings upon their arrival, unpacking intact items instead of unpacking a box of broken, unrecognizable mess. Using good quality boxes that are sturdy rather than using discarded boxes from a grocery store is an important, yet overlooked, element to any successful long distance move, and usually you can purchase these from movers themselves. Ultimately, moving long distance is an investment in what you hold dear, and with some professional help the move can go a lot more smoothly.

David Gersh
Author: David Gersh
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