Most Common Myths About Long Distance Move

Moving anywhere is a pain, and for many movers the process brings up a lot of questions. Unfortunately sometimes it takes one or two moves to become an experienced mover, but by then the damage could already be done. Whether you’re moving a short or long ways away, the journey can be taxing, and must be strategic to avoid disaster. Moving long distances is especially stressful; it poses unique challenges that one may not be prepared for if adequate research isn’t done beforehand. That’s why we decided to put to rest some of the long-distance moving myths that you should know about before you begin your moving preparation. Here are some of the most common myths to look out for:

Myth #1: You Don’t Need to Use Proper Packing Materials

Perhaps one of the most challenged myth by movers, most believe that moving companies who provide their own packing materials to clients are simply trying to make an extra profit. While moving companies generally do charge a fee for packing materials, it is a sound investment. Using the right packing materials can save you money in damages that could occur from improperly packing items in the wrong size and condition boxes or without the proper padding and protection inside them. Good quality boxes, good quality packing tape, and adequate use of protective items like bubble wrap protect your belongings from becoming broken or damaged in transit. Moving long distances poses an added challenge—the longer your items are being transported, the increased likelihood of something happening to them. Taking the time to properly pack items with the right materials can save you money in damages, but it can also save you money in moving time. The more cohesive the materials (i.e. same size boxes), the easier things are to move for the company, who likely will be using dollies to load your items in and out of the moving truck.

Myth #2: Moving Over a Weekend is the Best Option

Of course it may seem like a simple and factual thought that moving over a weekend will be most convenient—you can return back to work on Monday as if nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular moving days for all movers, and moving costs tend to go up over weekends. You can save a lot of money by scheduling your move during the middle of the week, and while it may not be the most convenient, consider it an opportunity to save a lot of money in moving costs and use up some of those vacation days at work—it’s likely you’ll need a long weekend to recuperate from the move anyway. Furthermore, weekends are typically busier on the roads, and long-distance moving through over-populated highways and traffic can cause serious delays in arrival time, which will cost more money in gas and transport fees. Moving over the weekend is not the best option, and moving during the week has more benefits than one might imagine.

Myth #3: Moving Insurance is Comprehensive

Unfortunately this myth has created many disgruntled movers across the country, particularly when it comes to long distance moves where one’s belongings are especially more likely to become broken or damaged. Before you select the moving company that will be in charge of transporting your belongings, especially over a long distance, it is always in your best interest to look into their policies on movers’ insurance. Different companies have different insurance options, and it is common to have to purchase extra insurance for certain items that are particularly valuable. Moving insurance does not cover everything, so be sure to read all the fine print and ask as many questions as needed to be clear on the moving company’s policies before signing anything.

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