Importance of Background Check While Choosing a Moving Company

Moving is a giant ordeal for most individuals who experience it. No matter how well you plan and prepare, there are always unforeseen details that escape your thoughts and leave you having to make impulsive decisions on-the-fly. While it is true that we can’t expect the unexpected, one thing you should not leave to chance is the moving company you choose to aid you in the process. Moving companies can extremely helpful for any mover, and in some situations even necessary. However, not all moving companies are created equally; some companies don’t have the greatest reputations, and that should always be an important consideration for movers. Researching the company you choose is vital to the success of the move, and choosing the wrong company could wind up making your life even more stressful if things don’t go smoothly. There are things that a mover should do before deciding on a company to hire, and one of the most important steps a mover should take in preparation is performing a thorough background check on the company. In addition to reading customer reviews, background checks can tell you a lot about a company’s track record, and it is always worth noting—you could spare yourself an unneeded catastrophe.

Check the license and credentials

The first thing you should look for in a moving company is their licensing and credentials. If you will trust these individuals with your personal property, cherished belongings, and delicate keepsakes, it is best to know if they are at least properly licensed. Licensing requirements differ per state, and it is prudent to check the state licensing requirements as well, particularly if you are transporting your belongings out-of-state. You can double check the company’s licensing by looking up their DOT number—this is how they are registered with the licensing association. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is who signs off on the company’s allowance to move other people’s belongings into other states. After looking up their DOT number, you can then reference it with the FMCSA; generally you can do this easily online.

Look up customer reviews on BBB

Another background check you can perform is with the BBB, or Better Business Bureau. The BBB will let you know of any significant customer complaints or reviews that are important to view before making your decision. If a company is not accredited by the BBB, then you may want to reconsider your options; that is not a good sign for the company—usually that is due to a high number of customer complaints. Angry customers usually have a lot to say, and you can find their comments easily online. However, take into consideration that not every dissatisfied customer speaks for the majority of clients the moving company takes on. A background check on a moving company is never complete without looking up customer reviews in order to check the opinion of the public who has truly had experience with the company.

Get some references

Lastly, it is helpful to get some references from the moving company.  Generally speaking, moving companies that transport important, and often expensive items are required by their customers to provide references that can vouch for their own experiences with the company. Be weary of companies that hand you a long list of references—sometimes quantity is not better than quality. You should check a few of the references throughout the list, and be sure to write down some important questions that you want to ask them, specifically about the company’s reputation and services. Moving companies that have nothing to hide will gladly hand you a list of references, and they will have many to spare if they are a professional establishment.

Final words

Choosing a moving company is serious business; you decide to relinquish the well being of your belongings to strangers momentarily, and at any minute things could go wrong. Things can get stolen, broken, or lost, and regret begins to sink in. If only you had first done your due diligence and researched moving companies, then your precious keepsakes would still be intact. By background checking moving companies, it can spare you a lot of stress and headache, and it can spare your valuables from careless handling. Do your research; it’s better not to take any chances.

David Gersh
Author: David Gersh
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David Gersh has been developing products for moving companies and improving online customer experiences in the moving industry since 2012. He is the lead author and editor of We Are Movers.