How to Choose the Best Moving Company Near Your Location

When you come to the decision to move your business or your home, the “to do” list accumulates to a mile long. Making “the move” can create more stress than you might anticipate; boxing, organizing, hauling; the tasks become endless. There are people who can help you figure out the complicated logistics of moving, and if you are maxed out with your “to do’s” and would like to spare yourself further chaos, it may be time to hire a professional moving company. Having your friends and family come together to help you move is the usual go-to for many of us; however, relying on your loved ones to perform manual labor is never a crowd-pleaser. Now is the time to spare yourself, and your loved ones, the trouble of moving, and hire a reliable company to do all the hard work for you. Here are some things to consider when looking for a moving company near you.

Things to look for in a moving company

Many people are hesitant to hire strangers to move their precious belongings for them; it is reasonable to assume that others do not care about your valuables as much as you do, and there is no shame in caring about the things that you hold dear. However, when you hire the right moving company, it is in their very best interest to ensure that your valuables arrive safely in one piece to their destination; otherwise their reputation is on the line. So, when choosing a moving company in your area, the first thing to look for is their integrity in their communal standing. Although referrals are always settling, hiring a company based on one trusted referral is not always a sure bet. You should also know if the company is licensed and insured. Although it is most convenient to find movers that are closer in proximity to you, it may limit your options.

Qualities of professional movers

The devil is in the details, and if the details are not considered ahead of time, you may be setting up your move for disaster. Efficient moving companies will likely measure some pieces of furniture as well as doorways or any tight spaces that they’ll need to fit through ahead of time—this is a sign of preparedness, and depending on your possessions, can make the move go a lot more smoothly. Furthermore, it is reasonable to expect the moving company to take adequate measures to protect your furniture and belongings from becoming damaged. You should also find out if they have permanent or temporary employees; the logic behind this is simple—permanent employees have more stake in the company and generally care to do things properly. These are some of the qualities of experienced, professional movers.

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Research about the moving company

Communication is also imperative; if you have already had a bad experience attempting to ask questions and get adequate responses, run for the hills. Good communication is fundamental when you have someone’s prized possessions in your care. To ensure that the company you choose is reputable, you should research them a bit. Look for online referrals, reviews, testimonials, or any information that could give you a better idea of the general level of customer satisfaction with the company. Hearing what their customers have to say will give you an overall picture of what your experience may be like, what to look out for, and what to expect. Remember that one bad review does not make the company unreliable—everyone has their off days, including the customers.


Once you narrow down the reliable companies in your area, comparing the various businesses’ prices is an important step, especially when moving is already a costly venture to begin with. Getting set prices from companies may not be sufficient enough—when you find a few companies that you want to investigate further, they may need to come assess the amount of belongings, the number of heavy items, the space needed in the truck, how many trips they’ll need to make, and how many employees they’ll need on staff. All of this is factored into the cost of moving, and varies depending on your specific situation—a more accurate estimate can be given once the movers personally view the location and items to be moved. While hiring a moving company near you is stressful, they are there for your benefit, so take advantage of the helpful service and relieve some of the burden.

David Gersh
Author: David Gersh
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