Everything You Need to Know About Moving Insurance

Moving presents many unknown challenges, especially for a first-time mover. There are a lot of details that go into moving that most people do not anticipate, and this can pose issues when in the middle of moving you discover that the moving company you hired has broken some important, valuable items of yours; or that they have “lost” several belongings. Firstly, it is important to do your research before you hire any old moving company; a lot of companies are not properly certified or licensed, and this alone is a serious issue. When you do your due diligence as a consumer, you will be setting yourself up for a more successful and stress-free experience. However, even our best attempts at ensuring the future cannot prepare us for disasters that sometimes come our way. Before you go with a moving company of your choice, it is important to look into moving insurance first. Finding the right coverage in moving insurance will depend on a few things, and it’s important that you know all you can when finding a policy that will make you feel the most secure for the big moving adventure.

Insurances don't cover property break or damage

When looking for the right moving insurance, it is important to understand what moving insurance is designed to help you with. Purchasing moving insurance can help you feel at ease in case your property is stolen, or if a disaster occurs while your belongings are being moved. However, it is important to understand that these policies do not generally include coverage of belongings that are broken or damaged during the move. You may ask yourself; “then why purchase moving insurance?” The answer is simple: it is crucial that you do everything you can to protect your items when in the hands of others. Sometimes we are left with no choice but to trust strangers with our most prized possessions; so we must take the proper and necessary precautions beforehand to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Find the best coverage option

It is usually possible to add additional coverage to your policy that will include coverage of broken items, however, this generally does not include coverage on items that would typically break; such as dishes, glass, or highly fragile items. Again, you may ask yourself, “what’s the point then?” and again, the answer is the same: you must do everything you can to protect your belongings. If you have items that are of exceptional value such as family heirlooms, antique furniture, fine jewelry etc., then you should have them appraised and added to specific floater coverage. While this process seems like a lot of additional steps on top of all the other added stress of moving, remind yourself that it will be worth the trouble in the end. Also, if you find a moving company that you really like, they can help guide you through all the details of the process of finding the best coverage for yourself and your particular situation.

Packing Household Things Safely

Wrap up

If you simply cannot afford insurance, the best thing you can do is pack everything yourself and wrap and pad all of the furniture yourself. When you take time to do this properly, then your belongings have adequate cushioning to keep them from potentially being broken. If you have items that are of exceptional value, you can consider moving them yourself. However, the right moving company will have many years of professional experience that should not go overlooked; it can be hard to relinquish your belongings to the hands of strangers, but sometimes you may be left with no alternative. If you choose a moving company to help you, then you should ask as many questions regarding their insurance coverage as possible. Do not sign any contracts without thoroughly reading them. You should also keep a detailed inventory of all of your belongings and their estimated values. Again, have specific items appraised that warrant it, and collaborate with the company to find out how to best ensure coverage of your belongings. Moving is a stressful process. Although finding the right moving insurance coverage can also pose more added challenges and complications, this is perhaps one of the most critical steps to take before signing on with a moving company of your choice.

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