Easy Steps for Hassle-Free Relocation to Your New Office

Moving out of a home versus moving out of an office is like comparing apples to oranges; of course they’re both a version of fruit, but they both have their own unique conditions and typical issues. Home moves and office moves are both an overall hassle for the mover, but in some cases depending on the circumstances it might seem easier to move offices than homes. In any scenario, the same basic rules apply, with a few exceptions.

Most companies that move offices have a game plan set in place well ahead of time, but there isn’t a rulebook for moving offices—in fact, the “game plan” will differ greatly depending on the size and type of company, including the nature of the business. For instance, there may be larger factory parts that must be considered in a move, or it might just be cubicles and desks the mover is concerned with. If you are planning on moving offices this year, yesterday was a good time to start thinking about the logistics. Don’t put off your to-do list! Here are some helpful tips for moving offices that you might find useful in your move:

Plan well ahead of time

A lot of companies and businesses plan their move for months on-end in order to make sure the move goes smoothly, but how far in advance you’ll need to start planning will be determined by the size of your company and the location of the move. Perhaps the most important reason for being well-prepared and planning ahead is to know how to structure your business deadlines and figure out how the move can least affect your business before and after the move.

Choose the right moving company

Not all moving companies have experience moving offices, but the ones who are more experienced can certainly help you feel more at ease about the transition. Moving offices often requires transporting electrical equipment and important documents. Hiring a moving company with the proper certifications and excellent client reviews is an important step toward safeguarding your belongings and important business components.

Do a thorough pre-cleaning of your new office

While it might seem like a hassle now, you’ll definitely thank us for this tip. Cleaning your new office while it’s empty is an important step for a fresh, clean start in a new place. There’s nothing more unnerving than moving clean, new furniture into a dirty, dingy office. If you want to paint the walls or perform any renovations, it can spare you a lot of distress to perform these tasks before move-in day.

Have any new furniture delivered ahead of time

Sometimes moving offices means that you’ll need to invest in new furniture to better fit the allotted space. It’s best to have these items delivered before your move-in day, as the larger items should always be moved-in first for optimal organizational conditions. Waiting on big pieces of furniture once you’ve crowded the office with boxes is majorly inconvenient.

Stay well-organized

Past movers can attest to this one: label, label, and label some more. Misplacing boxes from a home move might be dealt with over time; however, misplacing office boxes with time-sensitive materials or important documents won’t fly. Keep all your ducks in a row by making lists and clearly labeling boxes. Don’t forget to pack boxes adequately to protect and secure the items inside.

Delegate responsibilities appropriately

Perhaps your company consists of many employees, departments, or jurisdictions. If this is the case, the move might seem more complicated; however, in actuality, it can relieve some of the stress off your shoulders personally. Don’t be afraid to send out memos, emails, reminders, and provide your employees with all the important information so you’re not stuck dealing with the aftermath of disorganization and poor communication.


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David Gersh
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