Common Issues Most Long Distance Movers Face and How to Avoid Them

Depending on your living situation and the accumulation of belongings over decades, moving can be a huge project. It requires a lot of planning, preparation, and research in order to pull off a successful move. Long distance moves can be especially challenging. While it is critical to find the right moving company to help you feel more confident about the process, there are also things you can do yourself in order to be more prepared for such a move. There are certainly differences between long distance and local moves, and it is important to understand how that will affect your planning process. It is vital to do preparatory research that will help you avoid the common issues that most long distance movers face. If you stick to these simple tips, you will be able to avoid those common mistakes that movers make.

Stay Organized

Many movers underestimate the importance of organization during a move. You will wind up sparing yourself, and the moving company, a lot of time and stress if you stay organized. Properly labeling every box to know what is inside and whether there are delicate items to be aware of is critical—this can save you the trouble of worrying about your breakable items’ safety along the trip. It is not uncommon to transport multiple peoples’ belongings together for long-distance moves because it saves on time and gas costs. It is helpful to make sure that you include your last name on every box you label—this can avoid confusing your boxes with other long-distance movers’ belongings. If this concerns you, you should speak with your reliable moving company.

Factor in Logistics of Move-In Day

It is common for long-distance movers to ignore the logistics of move-in day. For instance, moving large furniture or especially difficult items like pianos can pose specific challenges for movers: is there space for these items to be moved as-is? Will they need to be deconstructed? You should attempt to gather as much information about the layout and structure of the building you are moving into so that you can prepare for some of the unique challenges that may come up on move-in day. This will allow your movers to come up with adequate solutions to those challenging situations.

Compare Insurance Options

Most moving companies offer insurance policies for their client’s belongings—especially for long-distance moves. If you have special family heirlooms or antiques, it is particularly relevant to look into insurance options. Accidents can happen during any moving process, but long-distance moves bring a lot more opportunity for things to go wrong. Make sure you speak with your moving company first about their insurance options they offer—you may consider looking into a different company if their policies are inadequate.

Clean Furniture and Belongings

Moving out-of-state poses unique difficulties that you may not think of beforehand. For instance, state regulations require that moving companies do not move furniture or other items that may be infested with certain insects. In order to avoid complications along the way with state regulatory violations, you should thoroughly inspect and clean every item of furniture—particularly outdoor furniture—for insects or larvae.

Pack for Safety

Staying organized while packing is essential to the success of your move; however, perhaps just as important is how you go about packing your belongings. Take special care in packing breakable items with plenty of padding and bubble wrap. Make sure you wrap furniture to avoid scratches or other damage from occurring, and always pack your mattress in box to avoid infestations or filth from getting packed into it. You’ll be glad you took the extra precautionary steps!

How We Can Help

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