5 Most Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before Hiring

Moving is a stressful process because it entails so many detailed considerations. Making so many decisions without any help can drive a person crazy, especially because moving already stirs up emotional distress. Uprooting yourself is a big transition, and you will need all the help you can get. Moving by yourself and conducting a “perfect” move on your own is nearly impossible, unless you are a moving expert. It is inevitable that you will arrive at your destination with broken items, issues getting furniture up stairs, etc. Sometimes, delegating responsibility is a great way to relieve stress and burden off of your shoulders. Hiring a professional moving company will help you make more informed choices along the way, and will answer many of your burning questions about the moving process. Before you decide on a moving company to hire, you should be sure to look for the right qualities and ask the right questions to ensure that you are getting the best quality product at the best possible price. Here are five of the most important questions you should ask a moving company before you hire them to move your belongings.

Ask for the company’s references

First, you will want to ask for the company’s references. A company isn’t worth looking into unless they are reputable and trusted by their clients. Company’s who have regular, recurring clientele are usually more promising. Moving companies should always have a list of references to give to potential customers. Paying for a service is much like temporarily hiring an employee; you should be able to ask their previous employers about their professionalism and ability.

Ask about insurance they provide

Secondly, it is important to know what types of insurance they provide to their clients. Moving raises concerns for movers because placing important belongings in the hands of strangers leaves room for accidents where damage could occur to possessions.  For this reason, moving companies often offer several types of liability coverage for customers with various concerns. If you would like the company to be held responsible for damaged or lost items, you should be sure the company offers full value protection to movers.

Ask the company’s licensure

Third, and not of any less importance, is the company’s licensure. Moving companies are required to have different licenses depending on the services they offer. For instance, if companies tend to move across states routinely, then they are required to have special licensure for moving out of state. Otherwise, they should at least have a license number registered with the specific state they move within. So, depending on whether you are moving in state or out of state will determine what type of licensure to look out for. You should also contact the Better Business Bureau to see what their current status is with their clientele.

Ask about specific situation & requirements

Fourth, you should ask them if they have background in any area of concern for your specific situation. For instance, if you are moving to the top floor of a building with only an elevator, you may want to ask the company about the logistics behind a move of that nature. Additionally, if you are moving to an area that is remote, requires crossing rickety bridges, or anything of that sort, you should be sure to mention it to the company to be sure they are prepared for such scenarios.

Ask about various forms of contact

Lastly, you will want to ask about various forms of contact for the driver as well as the manager or owner of the company. If you get separated, lost, or have a concern, then you should be able to easily get ahold of the people who are temporarily in possession of your belongings. Moving is stressful as-is; moving companies know this, and should plan accordingly. When the customer cannot communicate with the driver or feels out of touch with the company, it can create a huge damper on the business relationship. In your initial communications with the various companies you investigate, you should pay close attention to their level of responsiveness. If it takes multiple emails or phone calls to get in touch with someone, you may be better off looking at another option. Moving companies can be a blessing for stressed-out movers; just make sure to do your research on the local companies in your area before settling on a choice.

David Gersh
Author: David Gersh
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