Moving is a stressful process because it entails so many detailed considerations. Making so many decisions without any help can drive a person crazy, especially because moving already stirs up emotional distress. Uprooting yourself is a big transition, and you will need all the help you can get. Moving by yourself and conducting a “perfect” move on your own is nearly impossible, unless you are a moving expert. It is inevitable that you will arrive at your destination with broken items, issues getting furniture up stairs, etc. Sometimes, delegating responsibility is a great way to relieve stress and burden off of your shoulders. Hiring a professional moving company will help you make more informed choices along the way, and will answer many of your burning questions about the moving process. Before you decide on a moving company to hire, you should be sure to look for the right qualities and ask the right questions to ensure that you are getting the best quality product at the best possible price. Here are five of the most important questions you should ask a moving company before you hire them to move your belongings.

Moving is a hectic endeavor; it usually involves a lengthy process of planning and consulting with moving companies. If you are moving out of state or a far distance from your original home, then you may encounter more specific issues along the way. Moving short distances is usually only mildly concerning for movers—they can sometimes move a lot of their more precious or breakable belongings on their own, in the safety of their own hands. However, long distance moves do not afford movers that luxury; they usually must accept that their possessions are out of their hands for a time being. Whether you have to ship some of you belongings or are relying on a moving company to transport your boxes, the longer distance move increases the risk to your possessions exponentially. This is why it is critical to have the correct supplies and take your time in packing your items carefully and meticulously. Professional movers can help you find the right materials to safeguard your things while in transport.

Moving is a huge undertaking; it requires a hefty amount of thoughtful planning beforehand in order to ensure that the project goes smoothly, and without any disastrous outcomes. This can be especially true when moving heavy or particularly valuable items. If you own a piano, chances are you have dealt with moving it before. There are several different kinds of pianos, and both create unique challenges for movers. Whether you own an upright or a grand piano will determine the best way of getting it to its new location. Depending on their size, pianos can weigh anywhere from 300-1200 pounds. As you can imagine, this will require several, sweet and generous human beings to help you out, unless you decide to hire a team of professional movers for the day. In fact, moving a piano is usually best achieved by professional movers for several reasons.

Moving is an incredibly stressful process. All the planning and work ahead of time is what makes moving such a huge undertaking. Movers are generally not prepared for the amount of effort it takes in order to ensure that a move goes smoothly, and even then it can still hit the fan. There are so many details to consider when planning a move that many movers forget to think about when they should move. The best time of day, time of year, or time of month to move is never full proof; however, you can always aim for the best option. Planning your move ahead of time to ensure that the move goes smoothly is always a smart idea, but don’t forget to include the details of “when;” this is just as important as the “how.”

Moving is a giant ordeal for most individuals who experience it. No matter how well you plan and prepare, there are always unforeseen details that escape your thoughts and leave you having to make impulsive decisions on-the-fly. While it is true that we can’t expect the unexpected, one thing you should not leave to chance is the moving company you choose to aid you in the process. Moving companies can extremely helpful for any mover, and in some situations even necessary. However, not all moving companies are created equally; some companies don’t have the greatest reputations, and that should always be an important consideration for movers. Researching the company you choose is vital to the success of the move, and choosing the wrong company could wind up making your life even more stressful if things don’t go smoothly. There are things that a mover should do before deciding on a company to hire, and one of the most important steps a mover should take in preparation is performing a thorough background check on the company. In addition to reading customer reviews, background checks can tell you a lot about a company’s track record, and it is always worth noting—you could spare yourself an unneeded catastrophe.